Sunday, 20 January 2013

Simple and Beautiful Mehndi Designs | Simple Mehndi Designs by Saima Khan

Makeup has become an essential for women in all over the world. Girls used various types of cosmetics and natural abstracts to become beautiful. Mehndi is one of them natural abstracts used to draw different tattoos, patterns and designs on hands, feet and on other parts of the body. It is famous in all over the world but in South Asia it’s become a tradition. This craze evolves courage and guts to become a mehndi artist in young girls and Saima Khan is one of them.
Here we have some Simple but Beautiful mehndi designs by Saima Khan for you. Hope you will like the work of Saima Khan

Simple Floral Mehendi

This is a simple mehndi design occasionally used to draw for parties or casually. Saima Khan got a good hand and she had a variety and quality in her work. She has beautifully drawn this floral design. This is an Indian mehndi design covering palm and wrist and looking marvelous.

                                                          Beautiful Mehndi

This is an Arabic mehndi design; usually draw as a bridal mehndi design or for wedding parties. Saima Khan really has a good technique and sense to draw such a strong mehndi designs. Design covers both side of hand, fingers and wrist. Sharp red color mehndi paste has been used for this Arabic mehndi design.

                                                    Simple Back Hand


                                                Simple Front Hand

Saima Khan  has a variety in her hand and she can draw all types of mehndi designs like Indian, Arabic and Pakistani. This Pakistani mehndi design has been beautifully drawn by the artist. This floral design is really looking great, covering fingers, palm and wrist. Usually mehndi designs have drawn with thick mehndi paste in Pakistan to give strong visual impact.

                                                           Simple Bridal

                                                              Beautiful Mehndi Art

Simple but Beautiful

Good mehndi artist can draw every type of mehndi designs and especially they have skills to draw beautiful bridal mehndi designs. Bridal mehndi designs have usually drawn on both hands and arms with a thick and rich designing work. These are some of her simple but beautiful mehndi designs including Indian bridal mehndi design and Arabic bridal mehndi design.


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  3. Really great mehndi designs. I really love that bridal mehndi designs. Not only that your article describes some good insights about the mehndi designs. Your photos are having simple mehndi designs and is good for beginners as well

    Keep it up


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